Sightseeing From Above

Anyone who knows anything about me will know quite well that I LOVE adventures. Luckily for me, my girlfriend also loves them. So, when it came to choosing a gift for her birthday (candle quota confidential), as there was positively no need whatsoever for her to have any items of clothing or jewellery and with me being fairly useless at coming up with anything more imaginative, I decided that the best bet might just be to go for an ‘experience.’ However, as she is studying for some very important professional exams at this moment, I couldn’t take her away on a weekend trip or anything like that. So what to do?

Enter Lisbon Helicopters. I happened upon them when looking for a new place to go for dinner (great job Google) and was immediately intrigued and, knowing my missus is infinitely more of an adrenaline junkie than I could ever even aspire to be, this seemed right up her street. She’s also grown up in Lisbon, is deeply proud of the city and, I hoped, would appreciate seeing it from a new perspective.

I picked up two vouchers for flights at the Fnac store in Colombo’s shopping centre, but you can contact them by telephone, email or a direct contact box on their website. The Fnac vouchers provided good value for money, and ensured that I knew what I was going to get, in spite of my less than accomplished Portuguese language skills. The long and short of it is that she absolutely loved the experience and I would highly recommend it as an experience. The pilot was as cool as ice throughout, too, in spite of some pretty gusty winds over the water. The pictures, below, speak for themselves.


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