The Open Air Gallery

Living out in the quiet calm of Alvalade, I often find myself doing “culture” things and then writing about them here, in the old city. It’s not far away and I absolutely love it, but it’s a nice feeling to share something here, today, about my neighbourhood.

Across the main road, not five minutes walk from here, is a street called Avenida do Brasil. It’s where my nice landlady lives, and where there is a big hospital. Other than that, it’s quite unspectacular. However, a week or so ago, walking down this road, my girlfriend told me that she’d seen some street art on the way to the airport. I enquired how much street art there was. It seemed there was an awful lot. So we wandered down the little side road and, at first, all we could see was the low flying planes, coming in to land. Before long though, we came to stretch of amazing street art.

Now, art is meant to be appreciated by the individual, and a lot of this is very political and makes bold statements about society. As such, I won’t give you my interpretation. Just enjoy it:

IMG_20141207_150919698_HDR IMG_20141207_151056313_HDR IMG_20141207_151119397_HDR IMG_20141207_151214833_HDR IMG_20141207_151256904_HDR IMG_20141207_151335765_HDR IMG_20141207_151438223 IMG_20141207_151553230_HDR IMG_20141207_151633355_HDR IMG_20141207_151653347_HDR IMG_20141207_151701697 IMG_20141207_150643820_HDR IMG_20141207_150703749 IMG_20141207_150721199_HDR IMG_20141207_150729395_HDR IMG_20141207_150827901_HDR

If anyone would like to know the specific location of the art, do leave a message or drop me an email.


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