Christmas Light Show

Every day since the 14th December, they’ve been showing a 3D light spectacular in Lisbon’s Praça do Comercio. Now, if you’re wondering exactly what a 3D light spectacular is, you’re not alone. So, I decided I’d best head down there and jolly well find out. I normally work in the hours of the show (7pm, 8pm & 9pm,) so this was my first real chance to get down and see it. I leapt on the metro from Alvalade at about 7:30 and waited. By the time I arrived, there was already a huge throng of people gathered in the square, facing away from the sea and up at the triumphal arch and the buildings reaching out from each side of it. I joined the group and one end and waited.

Promptly at 8pm started what can only be described as a spectacular 3D light show. They had mapped the intricacies of their show in minute detail on to the buildings in front, so that individual features of the buildings were used to tell some kind of festive child & wish-based Christmas story (it was in Portuguese, that was all I could understand from it.)

DSC_0025 DSC_0035 DSC_0041 DSC_0045 These images can only really begin to give you an idea of how incredibly the whole thing has been put together. It’s all complimented by a fitting soundtrack and everything in the square around is illuminated, with mulled wine for sale, Christmas lottery tickets and so on.

If you haven’t seen it yet, it will also be on tomorrow, the 22nd and Tuesday 23rd December. If you’re in the city, try to get along and see something really incredible – and free!

Just to give you an idea!


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